Rap It Up: Legal and Business Knowledge

Rap It Up: Legal and Business Knowledge

Yo yo, listen up, I got some knowledge to drop

First, let’s talk about the first 3 laws of thermodynamics

Energy can’t be created, it can’t be destroyed, but it can be changed, that’s law number one

Entropy always increases, that’s law number two

And the absolute zero temperature is the goal, that’s law number three

Onto the next, common law rules in Ontario

Based on precedent and tradition, it’s not just a story

Now, let’s see if Amazon hires independent contractors

Yes, they do, for delivery, and more, so that’s a rap in store

Then there’s the agreement between personal trainer and gym

Gotta lay down the terms, make it clear, no space for mayhem

What about a contingency clause in a contract

Protect yourself from the unexpected, that’s the fact

Next up, business continuity planner

Keep the business running smooth, and the troubles thinner

Is temporary custody the same as legal guardianship

Well, not quite, there are differences to grip

Always strive for full agreement of all

For unity and compliance, that’s the ultimate call

Then dive into the Lewis and Clark environmental law review

Take care of the Earth, and its laws we gotta observe

Finally, clear the fog and learn what tranche means in business

It’s a slice of the pie, so you don’t need to guess

That’s a wrap for today, stay educated and free