Board Meeting Management – How to Keep Your Board Meetings Dynamic and Energetic

Board Meeting Management – How to Keep Your Board Meetings Dynamic and Energetic

Board meetings are an essential element of good corporate governance and can provide valuable information for the company. There are however many ways in which board meetings can become inefficient and ineffective. This article will discuss simple ways to help your business keep board meetings lively and energetic.

Punctuality and Preparation

It is crucial to start the board meeting on time and make sure that the participants have access to the materials they need to review well in advance of the start of the meeting. Inability of board members to keep track of discussions due to lack of background information or context is the most common reason why board meetings are ineffective. The board should also send the agenda clearly to all participants at least three to four days prior to the meeting (or earlier) in order for them to prepare and take note of it.

Sticking to the meeting timeframes outlined on the agenda is essential to maintain productivity. This will let participants know that the board knows the importance of their time and that they’re respected as professionals. The board chairperson or moderator should be on the lookout for any signs of a meeting’s progress and gently making sure that discussions stay on track so that all of the agenda items can be discussed and the meeting can conclude promptly.

It’s also important to prioritize the most critical items on the agenda. This will avoid spending time on lengthy and non-controversial reports that could have been dealt with directly by the CEO or the management team or other committees.

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